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Technology-Facilitated Abuse

Technology-facilitated abuse, also known as online or digital abuse, refers to the use of technology, such as the internet, social media, smartphones, or other digital platforms, to harass, intimidate, control, or harm an individual. This form of abuse has become increasingly prevalent as technology has become an integral part of daily life. Technology-facilitated abuse can occur in various ways and may include:

  1. Cyberbullying: Harassment, threats, or intimidation through digital communication channels, such as social media, email, or messaging apps.

  2. Online Harassment: Persistent and targeted harassment or stalking through online platforms, forums, or social media.

  3. Revenge Porn: The non-consensual sharing of intimate or explicit images or videos of an individual without their permission, often with the intent to harm, shame, or control.

  4. Digital Stalking: Using technology to monitor and track an individual's online activities, location, or personal information without their consent.

  5. Impersonation: Creating fake profiles or using someone else's identity online to deceive, manipulate, or harm the targeted individual.

  6. Spyware and Monitoring: Illegally installing software or using technology to monitor someone's digital activities, including messages, emails, or browsing history, without their knowledge or consent.

  7. Denial-of-Service Attacks: Deliberate attempts to disrupt or disable a person's online presence, such as hacking into accounts, changing passwords, or deleting content.

  8. Doxxing: Publishing private and sensitive information about an individual online, with the intention of causing harm or encouraging others to do so.

Technology-facilitated abuse can have serious and long-lasting effects on the mental, emotional, and physical well-being of the targeted individual. It can also interfere with their sense of privacy, safety, and security. Laws and regulations around technology-facilitated abuse vary, and legal consequences may apply depending on the jurisdiction and the nature of the abusive actions. Support services and resources are available for individuals who experience such abuse, and it's crucial to raise awareness about these issues to prevent and address them effectively.

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