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Over half (55.7%) of the participants (N = 97) that had experienced cyber-sexual assault also reported the experience of prior sexual assault. Please keep in mind that nearly two of three individuals sexually victimized are revictimized (Classen et al., 2005). This is important information, because cyber-sexual assault can be seen as a form of revictimization for those individuals who have previously experienced sexual assault. Sadly, a majority of those who experience sexual assault will experience multiple sexual assaults, also known as revictimization (Grauerholz, 2000). Over one-third of women who reported experiencing sexual assault prior to age 18 also reported experiencing sexual assault as an adult (Black et al., 2001)

Cyber-Sexual Assault & Revictimization

Cyber-sexual assault survivors with a past history of sexual assault.

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Additional Information Regarding Cyber Sexual Assault

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